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We Don't do Maketing Gimmicks

I reckon we must be the most sceptical generation of people to have ever lived!

Seriously, I've recently spoken to a lady who just happened to mention almost off the cuff "I like the idea of your free camera, that's a great marketing gimmick"

I don't know much about gimmicks, but having spent nearly 12 years supplying temporary buildings, I know a lot about temporary buildings...

And the things that can go wrong and cause nightmares... And always, at the worst possible time..

Which is why we supply a free digital camera to every new customer when they hire a temporary building for the first time..

Here's an example... You're in Portsmouth, or Liverpool or wherever... The point is, you're 120 miles away from us.

You call up and say "the forktruck's just driven in to the wall of the building, can you come out and sort it out please?"

We say, "sure, can you take a picture and email it to us, so we can assess the damage before we come out?"

"Er, no... I don't have a camera... You'll have to come out and have a look for yourself"

And believe me, that's what we used to do, until I hit upon the idea of supplying the digital camera as part of the deal...

It's best all round because travelling all over the country just to assess damage is a complete waste of time and money, and that's why we supply the camera...

We don't do gimmicks...

The camera is a serious commitment because we're as serious about our buildings, as you are about your business.


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